Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yahoo's globe trotting conflict reporter a huge success - what next?

Yahoo's dedicated conflict reporter Kevin Sites seems to be having a huge amount of success and Yahoo's first real attempt at generating their own original content is clearly working. For Yahoo's "Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone" is apparently one of the key reasons why Yahoo's news site is number 1 one the web.

So no extra brownies for figuring out what that means - yep, Yahoo will soon be launching a bunch of other "hotzone" style channels with vagrant/nomadic reporters stumbling across the world with a back pack stuffed full of video and blogging gear (it could be a great product placement/sponsorship ad for Apple!) ready to insta-info us webaholics.

So get ready, next up could be "gadgetzone" covering global gizmo shows and launches, or "gossipzone", covering Prince William of course and finally, how about 'antitrustzone" obviously covering Microsoft - der!

Oh and don't be surprised if you catch me hitch-hiking across the planet to leading corporate head offices for "buszone" - yep, catch businessuncut ripping live into ever more bus stories. Where's that plane ticket to Houston for those good ol' Enron boys?!

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