Friday, May 12, 2006

Nokia to launch updated tablet device with Google Talk

Nokia is about to announce launching a tablet device (a little larger than a PDA) with Google Talk pre-loaded into it so that the Wi-Fi device can easily perform Internet calls and messaging.

Users of the new Google-Talk-enabled Nokia device will be able to make calls - either by talking directly into the device like a wireless handset or by attaching a headset - to other users with the Google Talk software on their personal computers or handheld devices. Users won't, however, be able to make calls to regular phones.

The device will prove to sell in small numbers to tech lovers - but may represent a significant step in a gradual shift towards Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones using Internet telephony and Internet Protocols to give us many of the communications, browsing and media functions we are getting used to on broadband PC's.

Mobile phone operators should watch out and open up their mobile data services rapidly for mass market adoption - which also means discounting data services heavily on mobile phones to ramp up useage - before Wi-Fi/WiMax enabled devices do it instead.

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