Thursday, May 04, 2006

Microsoft gets mobile boost as they announce deal with Qualcomm

Microsoft has struck a deal to enable its Windows Mobile operating system to work with Qualcomm's mobile phone chips, helping Microsoft expand in wireless.

The move allows Qualcomm's customers to develop "smart phones" that run Microsoft's mobile operating system and offer computer-like functions such as e-mail, mobile TV, and word processing, the companies said.

This is a much needed boost to Microsoft's weakish mobile phone penetration and one that should see a more rapid proliferation of Windows Mobile across wireless devices. And given that mobile phone subscribers should top 3 billion (!!) next year, it is vital that Microsoft make much more rapid headway.

But 2006 may prove to be a turning poinnt for Windows Mobile and as a result the "smart phone" category as a whole. Next year will see mobile TV finally start to become a reality as well.

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