Thursday, May 11, 2006

Search wars spark media outreach by Google, Yahoo and MSN

The search wars have truly begun! Today both Schmidt, CEO at Google and Semel, head of Yahoo have announced that their focus is back on search as Microsoft attacks them head on.

Google are saying that folllowing a review of development processes they recognize that they need to re-proritize search and Yahoo has stated that Microsoft has not discussed trying to buy them and that they would never do an ownershipo based deal with them on search or advertising.

Yahoo also stated that Microsoft will not be able to catch up with the search leaders and that the market is set. Which is corporate mumbo jumbo for them being really quite nervous about Microsoft's moves. And so they should be for now it is open warfare between Google, Yahoo and the boys from Seattle (MSN).

And the only thing that seems impossible to imagine is that Microsoft's share will not grow - particularly as they start from such a low base. Google and Yahoo will need to move the search bar - and innovate like crazy with advanced algorithms, niche searching and Knowledge search, as they call it in Korea, or social search, as yahoo call it, which has seen considerable popularity recently.

The search wars may just have shifted into a new gear and as a result we can expect the second coming of the search market and considerable change to the dynamics and applications over the ensuing years.

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