Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Facebook - going, going, gone!

Who's gonna buy Facebook?

Given that today they announced hiring Youtube's CFO who joined them right before they got bought buy Google - you've gotta ask yourself who's gonna snap up Facebook?

Well its between Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Yahoo gets the prize for the most desperate. Microsoft the most confused and Google the most powerful. So, if its cash their after Facebook will go with Microsoft. If its partnership/merger status then Yahoo and if its sheer cool and stock WOW its gonna be Google.

My money's on Google.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Major iPhone bug!

Do not try sending a Youtube video by email in your iPhone.

It'll crash, freeze and do nothing else (including powering off or syncing) until the battery is discharged.

Bug or what?

Come on guys. I can't even make a call...

Emergency? Yeah.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Apple launching a Nano size iPhone

It looks like Apple is planning a follow up cellphone to the iPhone (which is a marvel of form and function) based on the iPod Nano. Apparently it'll cost around $300 and offer more limited functionality than the iPhone.

Will it be called the iPhone Nano?

Apple sure are serious about the mobile space. Mind you, given how well the iPhone is selling - so they should!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Day 6 with my iPhone - I'm hooked!

I realize now that after using my iPhone for 3 days I'm hooked. Early connections stresses and strains are slowly fading from my newly organized ego.

Actually this is the device I have been waiting for for 20 years. I'm not that old! I was interviewed on prime time British TV in the early 1990's (it's a long story) and I pronounced the future of the 'digital diary' (well it sounded good then).

A device that effortlessly takes care of your life, wife and strife all from the inside of your over-tight denim pocket. Organizer meets diary, Filofax, calculator and one day even phone. And since those early days a stream of digital organizers, PDA's and then Smartphones tried and failed.

And I should know for my great, great... grandpa invented the worlds first ever commercial diary. Then I ran one of the leading Smartphone software companies etc etc. (Obviously before becoming the professional photographer that I am today).

So now I feel like I have finally arrived - or at least my pocket organizer nirvana has. Welcome iPhone - good job Apple.

Why? Find out in the upcoming days... And I even have my portfolio in my pocket (photography not stocks dozo!).

Monday, July 02, 2007

4 Million iPhones sold on Friday!

Given that I broke the records for time with AT&T customer care over the weekend they handed me the following scoop this morning.

Apple shipped 6 Million iPhones to Apple and AT&T stores on Friday and 4 Million were sold.

Yep, 4 Million! On Friday alone.

Day 3 with my iPhone

After another hour on the phone bounced between AT&T and Apple I decided to stuff trying to set up a family plan and went ahead and registered my phone as an individual account and separate line.

Bingo, I'm provisioned. 3 days later and no family plan.

Now I have to talk to AT&T yet again to convert my new line to a family plan. AAAH!

Pray for me...