Monday, May 22, 2006

Google's share of search market continues to grow

Google's share of the US Web search market continues to edge beyond Yahoo and Microsoft, according to the latest monthly numbers released by analysis firm ComScore Networks.

Google's increased to 43.1%, whereas Yahoo's stood still and MSN and AOL saw further slumps, proving how challenged both companies are in trying to keep up with the one two of Google and Yahoo.

Perhaps most interesting is the new kid on the block, for MySpace got on the list for the first time ever at 6th place. Even though their share was paltry at half a percent, the arrival of social networking is marked.

And so too, the reality that MySpace will be one of the portal's of tomorrow. The only trend I feel strongly about is that MySpace is here to stay and that their share of the US search market is destined to go up and not down.