Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nike shoes to talk to iPod and display distance run and more!

Nike and Apple have just announced a new system to be launched soon that will enable certain Nike shoes to talk to an iPod and have it display distance information and much more.

Using a Nike+iPod Sports Kit, expected to retail for about $29, consumers will be able to access distance, time, pace and calories burned on the screen of a nano version of the iPod via a sensor inside the shoes that communicates with the digital music player.

The kit will be available in stores within two months and other products will follow.

This is wild! And evidence of just how pervasive and compelling the iPod is becoming. Also, note how the iPod is now as much a computing platform for a plethora of future applications as it is a music/video player.

Expect your iPod to also become a remote control, a phone, a dictaphone and much more within the next couple of years. This Nike partnership is just the beginning of a whole new world for iPod users.

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