Thursday, May 11, 2006

BlackBerry to hit the Chinese market

Research In Motion today announced it will soon roll out its BlackBerry wireless e-mail service in mainland China with China Mobile Ltd which has two-thirds of the Chinese market and is the world's biggest mobile carrier by number of subscribers.

RIM expects to launch the service by the Autumn on a couple of devices, but does not give details about a wide-scale launch across China. Initially they will be hooking up the backlog of corporate customers in China who have requested the service.

BlackBerry is coming from behind in this market, where China Unicom, another huge state owned mobile telco has already launched it's version called the "RedBerry"!!! Of course there's no brand conflict there is there!

BlackBerry will also have to face up to China Mobile's own launch of email services on standard mobile phones. But to date this technology does not seem to affect BlackBerry too much in the corporate space.

At least its nice to see RIM put out a positive announcement given all the negative press they have and continue to enjoy over legal spats.

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