Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Microsoft and SAP launch partnership

Microsoft and SAP have just announced a partnership whereby SAP corporate users will be able to access relevant event based data in Outlook and later in Microsoft Word and Excel. So a project manager could get notified of a task coming out of SAP into his Outlook calendar and a reminder automatically sent to his Outlook email.

Now this may all seem unbelievably boring but it is an important development and partnership for both parties. Microsoft and SAP looked at merging a couple of years ago (which just proves how vital the corporate sector is to Microsoft going forwards) and this is a way for the two players to strengthen their positions vis a vis IBM and Oracle.

Microsoft gets more integrated into SAP users lives and SAP gets more exposure to the huge number of Microsoft users both in the corporate sector as well as amongst SME's. Now Oracle needs to look at tying up with Google/Sun?! Mmm, now there's an idea!

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