Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Let the PC price war continue!

Lenovo, the world's third-largest PC maker, said that profit growth will not be a priority this year and that it is ready to cut prices to keep up with rivals, as it focuses on expanding market share.

"For this year, the goal is revenue growth. And we hope profits will improve, but that's not our primary objective," Chairman Yang Yuanqing told Reuters. "This year's profit won't be worse than last year's."

Bingo - let the PC price war begin! Dell, HP and Lenovo are going to go full at eachother this year and they're gonna have to pile the features in as well, cos Wi-Fi, 3G, video, conference calling and music playing are all must haves going forwards.

They all need to watch the left field, because Apple could become the wild card in the space.

Oh, and the ultimate battle may actually be over dominance of the laptop market. That could even bode well for Lenovo.

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