Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Apple to open flagship store on 5th Avenue

Apple is toasting the huge success of their retail therapy stores with the opening of a massive new flagship outfit on 5th Avenue - yep right opposite the Plaza and just down the road from FAO Schwartz. Now I finally get what all that scaffolding was hiding.

So, if its tea at the Plaza, goodies at Schwartz or the Disney Store, then a geekfest at the Apple Store your after, get on down to the upper east side of the Big ol' Apple this Friday.

And this store's gonna be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fact that they will pretty much be the only show on that side of town open through the night should not put off sleep depraved Apple geekoids.

Apple will be showcasing their usual Mac's, iPods, iTunes, iLife, iWord etc etc etc (sadly no iEspesso's!) and the Genius Bar and conference center will be wide open for Mac tune ups and general digital fests. But, hey don't knock it cos Apple have opened nearly 150 stores since 2001 and they're going down like an Aussie after a few drinks - damn well!

In the Xmas quarter alone Apple turned over more than $1bn from Apple Stores. Now that's smokin. And Steve Jobs apparently part designed them himself - proving that he does have some fun left in him after all.

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