Thursday, May 11, 2006

WiMax a reality as leader Clearwire plans $400M IPO on Nasdaq

The WiMax market is officially born and here to expand as one of it's leading service providers, Clearwire, has announced an IPO on Nasdaq in which they hope to raise $400M.

WiMax is the next generation wirelesss data technology that behaves like a supercharged Wi-Fi and can blanket cover cities. And Clearwire, founded by US telco entrepreneur Craig McCaw, offers broadband service in more than 200 cities and towns in the US, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark and Mexico.

Dozens of additional cities and towns across five continents have access to wireless broadband services through networks built by Clearwire’s wholly owned subsidiary, NextNet Wireless.

This should prove a popular IPO as Wi-Fi and WiMax are clearly industry changing technologies and networks that can in the future even challenge mobile phone operators.

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