Thursday, May 25, 2006

Google software to come pre-shipped on Dell computers

Google has beaten out Microsoft and Yahoo in a deal which could see their software come pre-installed on up to 100M Dell computers over the next few years. This is a major victory for Google, but probably also an expensive one.

Under a 3 year pact, Google, will pay Dell to have its desktop software for searching the content of a user's hard drive and emails, and a Web browser search toolbar installed on their computers. Dell will also set the default search engine for users to Google's offering. Buyers of Dell PCs will have their browser home page set to a co-branded Dell and Google site.

Industry analysts have apparently proven that software that comes pre-packaged is more likely to be used. Der yeah! So Google can finally take a slice from Microsoft's play-sheet. Expect more such agreements with other PC manufacturers as well as mobile phone operators.

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