Monday, May 01, 2006

Yahoo launches Yahoo Tech! to help the world's consumer tech morons choose and use their gadgets!

Yahoo has just launched their first new content site in 5 years called Yahoo Tech, which, surprise surprise is designed to assist any tech moron on the planet (i.e. most of us!) to choose and use the huge number of necessary consumer gadgest available on the market today - from PC's to TV's to networks and cell phones.

It is a pretty user friendly site and one that focuses heavily on user top rated (at least top 5) gadgets. So, if it's a PC you're after then apparently the one's adored by Yahoo (?) users are Apple's and Sony Vaio's (poor old Dell). If it's laptops your after then it's Apple and Sony Vaio's also (?!) (yep, Dell and HP just can't catch a Yahoo Tech break).

If it's MP3 music players your after then the hottest is a Samsung - not an iPod!!!!! And on the cellphone side it's Motorola's and Sony Ericsson's all the way.

But on a more serious note (sorry to do this) Yahoo looks to be onto something with this new content site - and they are filling a useful gap. The world's average consumer needs a trusted site to tell them which are the leading devices to focus on when buying gadgets. Utlimately it will all come down to trust - i.e. are their reviews and favorites really the 'best'.

And the fact that this is not just another tech news site is massively relieving - there are far too many around today! Yahoo carries no tech news (at least not at Yahoo Tech) and the content all comes from leading gadget publications. The only original content comes from Yahoo users and their blogs.

Expact Yahoo to launch similar format consumer content sites in other subjest categories. See if you can guess which ones? Ha ha, we can whack up user generated content of our own Yahoo!! Check it out.

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