Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Apple completes their shift to Intel computers

Apple today completed their shift to Intel based computers as they launched the 13-inch MacBook which replaces both the i-Book and the 12-inch PowerBook.

This is a strategically important milestone for Apple as they now have Intel based computers covering the low end and high end of the laptop and PC market. And with data showing that last year, the average desktop with a display sold for $744 in the US, (according to IDC), while the average laptop sold for $1,070, both the MacMini, starting at $599 (without display) and MacBook, starting at $1,099, look priced to go.

Now Apple just need ensure that their new prime time ads do the job (no pun intended) and their piddly 3+% of the world PC market may be in for a major boost. 2006 could prove a decisive year for them. Let's see!

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Brian Caldwell said...

I have a 12" PowerBook G4 and I don't really consider the 13" MacBook a replacement for it. Sure it's now Intel-based, and has a larger screen, etc. blah blah, but I prefer the keyboard feel of the PowerBook, and the 12" screen is the size I prefer. I'll be a holdout for a 12" MacBook Pro.