Friday, February 24, 2006

Viacom to triple digital revenues by providing content to portals

Yesterday we wrote about how Viacom's latest results were a little uninspiring. And we pointed out that one of their footnotes was that they intended to take digital revenues from $150M to $500M over 3 years.

They seemed a little iffy on how they planned to do it. Well, no longer, for they have now explained that they want to achieve such meteoric digital expansion by providing content to portals.

And lost of it. And they seem happy to provide the content for free in return for a share of advertising revenues. That makes sense. And should prove timely given the drive by all major portals into video-on-demand this year.

In an effort to draw more traffic to its websites, Viacom earlier this year signed agreements with Yahoo, AOL and TV Guide to make its content available to their video search engines.

I guess a Google deal is inevitable - and, where's the cornerstone iTunes deal?

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