Friday, February 10, 2006

Oracle sheds 2,000 staff, announces bounce in revenues and chases open-source - go figure!

Oracle has just announced that they are to lay off 2,000 employees - following restructuring post Siebel. They simultaneously announced a surprising bounce in revenues - go figure!

Oracle issued financial forecasts that reflected an unexpectedly strong rebound in sales in its core database business. "We are seeing substantial increases in our licence revenue growth, more than we had been expecting," said Larry Ellison.

And as if that wasn't enough Oracle oddity for one day - now cnet have unearthed that Oracle is planning their next buying spree - and this time it's open-source!!

It looks like they may be negotiating to buy JBoss, Zend and Sleepycat (all private open-source outfits) to boost their middleware offerings and their subscription based on-demand revenues.

Actually - it does all make sense. For the reduction of 2,000 was a planned part of the integration with Siebel. And both Oracle and Siebel employees lost out - which at least on the surface seems reasonably equitable.

And lets face it - Open Source is the way to go and Oracle's app server in particular lacks, well, market share. JBoss would solve that nicely. So that just leaves the unexpected bounce in database revenues - that's the real shocker. Why? Your guess is as good as mine - so viewer participation would be much appreciated.

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