Tuesday, February 21, 2006

3 Italy launches mobile TV with a subtle name

3 Italy, the leading hi-speed mobile network operator known for recently pulling their IPO has just announced launching a mobile TV network. It's gonna be called LaTre, which is about as subtle a brand as ever I've seen.

The TV-phone service launches this summer and uses a new technology called DVB-H that utilises digital TV airwaves and not the mobile network. They also bought a small TV broadcaster so they can be a media company and content originator as well as mobile operator. Convergence of telecomms and media continues.

They launch in June with 15 channels and coverage of the soccer world cup from Germany. That should kick things off with a bang (yep, pun intended. Sorry.). They will charge $20-$35 per month for the service and expect 600,000 users by year end. Maybe that'll help them IPO next year!

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