Friday, February 24, 2006

Google and Microsoft launch web site creation for the masses

Google and Microsoft have both launched their version of web site creation tools for the masses. Google's is called Page Creator and Microsoft's is Office Live.

Both are essentially Web page creation tools for the masses. And this time Microsofts is the more ambitious and professional. For Office Live allows small businesses to pick a domain name, set up a simple web site and attach up to 5 email addresses to it. Microsoft will then host it. And all this is for free.

Google's purely allows people with a Gmail account to set up individual web pages. Both are so simple that anyone can do it. With Microsoft's you have to download software and with Google you do not.

Office Live is designed for small businesses and Google's for individuals. Both are in Beta, but Google Page Creator had to temporarily shut to new sign ups due to too much demand. Shame.

But the battle for anyone to be able to set up and manage a web site has begun. By 2010, we should all be building and running quite sophisticated sites with commerce and advertising embedded (plus laods more) without any technical skills whatsoever. Bring on that day. Then anyone can become an Internet entrepreneur.

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