Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Apple gets hackers attention

Apple's Macintosh users reported that an image file purported to contain screen shots of a forthcoming OS X update actually contained a computer worm. Since then, at least two other OS X security threats have emerged.

As Apple prepares themselves for the battle versus Intel PC makers and Microsoft's Windows, with their all new line-up of Intel Macs, better security was to be one of their USP's. After all, the Mac OS is almost never attacked.

Industry pundits have been debating for a while whether this is because Apple has a more secure OS or simply because they do not have the attention of serious hackers yet because they have such a small user base. The argument then follows that as Apple's user base grows, they will become more of a security target.

It looks like both sides have merit. Apple's OS will come under more attack as their popularity grows, but their OS is also inherently more secure. Apple just need ensure that their OS continues to stand up to such attacks and they can more than ever claim to have a safer system and continue to use the "security" proof nature of their OS as another reason to convert users from Windows PC's to Mac PC's.

By the way, has anyone out there come acroos any stats on how Apple's Intel PC sales are fairing? If so please share them with us.

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