Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nintendo DS to watch TV and browse the Internet

For those of you that think that the highly impressive (or at least impressive to my son) Nintendo DS is complicated enough this announcement isn't for you. For it's about to get even more powerful/complex.

Nintendo have just announced that they will soon launch a card and antenna that will allow you to watch TV over your Nintendo DS. Don't ask how yet - cos their not saying.

And if this isn't impressive enough then they are also launching a browser with Opera that put together with another card will give you Wi-Fi Internet access.

So all that is left is for them to add telephone features and you have everything you could ever wish for. Oh, and Nintendo did also state that they will launch another bunch of games for the highly popular portable that was once only a games machine. Oh and a slimmer version. Oh and they've sold nearly 15M worldwide since launch.

Oh, no, I guess my son'll be hassling me for the TV and browser add-ons soon. Unless of course he never finds out. Well, I won't tell him so long as you all...

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