Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oracle getting serious about open source

Oracle seems to actually be serious about open source. Mind you, it's not really surprising. For no one in the software industry can get away with not being serious about open source (even Microsoft is almost serious about it) and Ellison does like new trends.

So oracle have put their money where their mouth is and bought Sleepycat. Which seems to make a lot of sense as:
1. They presumably got them cheap (a mere rounding error compared to their recent foray!)
2. They presumably got them cheap.
3. They presumably got them cheap.

OK, ok only kidding. It also looks like a shrewd move as embedded databases are a natural for open source and could prove synergistic with Oracle's other database offerings. Plus, this helps Oracle get closer to the development community.

And, Sleepycat has the worlds largest open source developer database product with over 200M downloads.

And just to prove that Oracle is really serious about open source - look out for them buying Jboss soon.

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