Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CEO of Vodafone could take some of his own medicine

Arun Sarin, speaking at the annual mobile industry event in Barcelona attacked the mobile handset manufacturers slowing the take-up of 3G networks because they are charging too much for the devices.

"There's a $60 difference between 2.5G and 3G handsets," Sarin noted, adding that customers should be "indifferent" to which generation of handset they're buying.

"Aside from price, complexity is the next barrier to be breached, said Sarin. By that he means complexity of configuration, of operating system or of browser. "I think we have a little way to go - we need to make things simple for customers...There's a whole alphabet soup of difficulty out there."

Yeah, starting with an alphabet soup at Vodafone Live. For Sarun's own service suffers from exactly the issues he accuses others of. Vodafone Live is too expensive, and far too complex. Maybe Mr Sarun should fix his own back yard before throwing stones at others.

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