Friday, February 24, 2006

Blackberry devices to switch off today? Who will be the real loser?

A federal judge may decide TODAY whether to pull the plug on US BlackBerry email devices used by millions as part of a fight over NTP patents for the pocket-sized technology.

And you'll know when he's reached his ruling cos that Blackberry screen of yours will go blank.

On a more serious note, the judge may well rule against Blackberry and grant NTP an injunction. Blackberry will figure out some kind of work around or agreement with NTP, but the real loser may be US patents.

For such a ruling would have to call to account the entire patent and copyright protection processes and laws in the US. Too many senior execs and politicians have been adversly affected by the Blackberry/NTP tussle. And I'm not sure they are fully on NTP's side over this one.

Your Blackberry is just too personal. That, at least, RIM can be proud of.

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