Friday, February 10, 2006

MSN looks set for revamp - or is it more of the same?

It looks like MSN will receive a revamp this year, following a string of new executive hirings and promotions, which will expose it's inner soul. Looks like they'll need it as they have always struggled to creep out from under the shadows of Yahoo, AOL or now even Google.

But, MSN, had nearly 60% reach among US Web surfers in December, and is ranked second among portals, behind Yahoo, which has 68% active reach, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.

Like the others, MSN is planning to appeal to users' interest in video entertainment and user generated content and to offer more content in niche areas like money, lifestyle and sports, and tie everything more closely together.

Sounds good guys - but isn't this just a rehash of what Yahoo plans to do? I just wonder when MSN will become a little more innovative and different. If not, you wonder how they'll ever seriously creep out of the others shadows.

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