Monday, February 13, 2006

Microsoft has purchased MotionBridge, a Paris-based company that specializes in mobile search.

Microsoft said it plans to continue offering MotionBridge's current services--which are used by cell phone operators such as Sprint Nextel, O2 and Orange - and use the company's people and technology to expand the mobile capabilities of Windows Live.

Mobile search is a category that is as yet fairly undeveloped. And lets face it, niche search may be the future - either device/netwrok specific search or subject specific search. And Microsoft is making a great deal of inroads into the mobile sector.

It is interesting watching Microsoft's Live strategy starting to take shape. They are still a long way behind leaders Google and Yahoo. Bolt on acquisitions to speed up their Internet services strategy has to make sense. This one hits at two of their major pushes at once: Windows Live and Windows Mobile.

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