Monday, February 27, 2006

AskJeeves to become

AskJeeves, the US 4th argest search site, has re-branded and become And it has been revamped with a bunch of useful services which should see the ex-butler outfit continue it's recent run of market share gains. For it is now the fastest growing search engine!

The new features a slick, do-it-yourself toolbox that helps users refine more types of searches with the first click of their mouse for maps, images, dictionaries, weather, local info or documents stored on their computers.

Users can select from up to 20 different types of specialized search tools has developed. Later this year, Ask will encourage outside developers to build tools to perform more specialized searches.

Ask are well positioned to take advantage of the trend towards more specialised and niche searches and becoming a search platform as well as engine bodes well. Shame about the butler though. Was he knocked off by the parlour maid or the doctor?

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