Monday, February 13, 2006

Microsoft finally launches push email to rival Blackberry

Microsoft has been readying for a long time to launch push email to rival the Blackberry. And now they can finally launch. For all the pieces are technically in place and mobile operators and device makers are ready to go to market.

The technology was made possible by combining devices running Windows Mobile 5 with servers using Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2. The final piece, a messaging and security service pack, was shipped last year, but had yet to show up on devices in the market.

Microsoft has now announced that a number of carriers, including Amena, Chungwa Telecom, Cingular Wireless, Orange, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone are offering free upgrades for customers that will allow them to get the "Direct Push" e-mail abilities as well as new security features.

And numerous devices are coming to market over the next couple of months supporting Microsofts latest technology. RIM's owner Blackberry should be concerned. For Microsoft are natural owners of this space given that there are 400M Outlook users worldwide.

And Microsoft love going after a large market with only small players around then. For there are 600M corporate email users worldwide, but only 10M have mobile email devices. That leaves a huge amount of market share to go after.

And the only large scale contenders are Microsoft, RIM and Nokia. Expect Microsoft to become number one in this market by 2010.

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kerry said...

The Blackberry is a triumph of marketing over substance. Now there is a real alternative. And one that does online appointment setting through your smart phone, contact management, email and you can work on your MS office documents too. diarypoint is new generation of mobile computing. It really is the 'office in your pocket'