Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The return of online marketplaces?

Well it looks like online marketplaces are back. The old Internet exchanges that looked like they had gone the same way as Pompeii have mysteriously returned as Pheonix's from ashes.

For only a few days ago I wrote about person-2-person loans over the Internet. And today the UK government have launched one of the worlds largest government procurement exchanges aptly named Zanzibar.

And there even seems to be a business case and smart strategy to this one! Wow, and coming from UK government - that's a first. Yep, this online market baby will apparently reduce the cost of UK government procurement by around 4%. Given what a monstrous amount of money the UK government spends (and that's a whole other issue) this could be a lot of tax payer money saved.

Hey, I've got an even better idea than Zanzibar. Why not give the savings back to taxpayers by way of reducing taxes. Yeah right. Oh well, at least the worlds watching to see how Zanzibar does - so at least that should keep it on track.

I still wish they'd give some money back...

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