Thursday, February 23, 2006

RIM wins legal reprieve for Blackberry

RIM, the Canadian maker of the BlackBerry, received a boost yesterday when the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a final rejection of another two claims at the centre of a patent infringement dispute that threatens to disrupt BlackBerry's service in the US. And this disruption could even kick in as soon as this Thursday - yikes!

For US District Judge James Spencer is due to hear arguments in court then on whether he should reimpose an injunction against RIM that could force the Canadian company to shut down most US BlackBerry services. This follows the four-year legal battle between RIM and NTP. And the legal battle has already created a wave of executive trauma almost as shocking as Janet Jackson at your average superbowl.

If Judge Spencer reimposes an injunction Thursday, RIM promise their users that they have a work-around. NTP promise they will attack the legality of the work-around. Blackberry's competition promise they are ready to welcome Blackberry's customers in the US with arms wide open (that's sweet) and we promise to keep covering this corporate courtroom drama. It's better than any network TV legal drama - honest!

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