Friday, February 10, 2006

Ad based video-on-demand coming

San Diego-based Entriq is launching a new content serving technology that lets companies serve up ad-based and subscription-based video and other media to online customers.

The company has for a while been offering an online content platform for secure delivery and management of video content. Now they have added an ad based solution as well.

Yippee! We have for a while been spouting about the importance of someone delivering a workable and scaleable ad-based offering for video-on-demand. There is no way the video/TV-on-demand revolution can get properly underway until consumers have the simple and prevalent (ooh, big word) choice OF PAY-PER-VIEW OR FREE thanks to embedded online ads.

Go get 'em entriq. And Google, sit up and watch - cos you need a video-on-demand ad solution and you need it fast. Before Google Video becomes embarrasing for you.

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