Monday, June 12, 2006

Yahoo launches custom IE7 beta - so what?

The search/browser wars are heating up like a hot dog on a barbie as Yahoo has launched a customized version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2, which has Yahoo search built into the browser. Yahoo and Microsoft are clearly squaring up against Google and Firefox (yep, its a cat fight).

The customized browser sets as the default home page on the primary tab, while Yahoo Mail automatically loads in the secondary tab. And IE7 takes Microsoft's browser a lot closer to the functionality available in Firefox.

Of course changing the favories is a breeze - but I bet fewer no how to do it than we might all imagine. Microsoft getting closer to Yahoo is good for Yahoo and a move Google needs to watch closely. All this publicity is of course good for Firefox who will now need to launch the next version of their increasingly popular browser to step ahead of IE7!

And if all this is making you dizzy then just stick with

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