Monday, June 26, 2006

Microsoft attacks office communications! Oh God!

Microsoft has decided that they are not diversified enough and have launched yet another business unit. This time they are going after Cisco's lunch 'cos they feel like pissing off another tech giant.

This strategic meander into corporate malfaisance will see them enter the office Internet telephony game. They are planning to work with telecomms equipment makers to launch Microsoft office phone systems that hook into your PC's and their (Microsoft - of course) applications so that at a click of a mouse (presumably a Microsoft one) you can add a colleague to a call.

They are also introducing a video confereencing device that will point at the latest voice to speak so entering you into the call with a movie pan! Nice one!

Cisco is doing a lot of this kinda stuff already, but Microsoft may for once in their life actually speed up convergence and interoperability in the office comms space proving at least that we can come up with long words here as well as anyone else.

Now this all sounds dandy but leaves me wondering yet again why Microsoft is heading off into another diversification jaunt when they seem to be struggling enough with the plethora of existing divisions. Oh well!

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