Friday, June 30, 2006

Orange launches its own push email service - what?

Orange, one of Europe's leading mobile phone operators owned by France Telecom, has decided to go it alone and launch their own answer to the Blackberry and Microsoft Mobile push email offerings.

They are rolling out their own propietary email push service for Orange users across all their European markets between now and the end of the year. They seem to be targetting the small and medium size business sector in particular, citing that only 10% of that market use mobile email.

The numbers I do not disagree with, but why Orange thinks they are best suited to meet these needs completely defeats me. After all, companies like Microsoft and Research in Motion (owners of Blackberry) have been at this stuff for ever.

Mind you, given that the French government have just stuffed things up for Apple's iPod, maybe Orange know something we don't. At least the technology is made in France, which means they may actually allow it to remain legal!

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