Thursday, June 01, 2006 launches blog search to rival Google and Technorati! last night launched a brand new blog search service available at Bloglines, their blogging service, which competes directly with Google's

Instead of crawling the Web for blog postings to build an index to search like others do, is using the index already created and updated by subscribers to its popular Bloglines site for searching, subscribing to, creating and sharing blogs and news feeds.

Apparently that means that the service delivers more up to date posts (which is vital in the fast changing world of blogging) and keeps blog spam at bay. The latter benefit would be a huge step forwards.

And Bloglines also sorts results and structures your page affectively, it even allows you to sort posts found by relevance (whatever that means!), date or popularity. Of course TechBoard is there in all its glory - mind you we are fast becoming one of the more visited blogsites around!

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