Tuesday, June 06, 2006

HP on a rip again!

HP today raised its full-year guidance after it announced a beneficial tax settlement with the US Internal Revenue Service and restated its earnings for the second quarter.

HP is on a rip and even back on the aquisition path, particularly in its dominant printing business, where today they added to its stable of digital photography services with the acquisition of Silverwire Holding, a Swiss maker of retail digital photo processing software.

Print and photo services seems to be where HP is headed and they are determined to take on publishers and traditional photo-producers as they dazzle us with plans to enable Internet bloggers and artists to print their own books and pictures - and now they are determined to help us all to print our own photos wherever we are - at home, at a Wal-Mart and presumably in a Starbucks soon.

Then they just need do a deal to photo and image print enable iPods and they'll have the entire market nailed!

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