Friday, June 02, 2006

Microsoft and Adobe head for court battle over PDF

Just when Friday was starting to get a little unexciting - of course putting to one side NYSE's acquisition of Euronext to create the first major trans-Atlantic exchange and the fact that US employment is slowing and the US economy stalling - which actually makes it a particularly exciting Friday afternoon.

Anyway - back to the point. Just as Friday....(na, just kidding!).

I'll try a third time - so who heard the one about the Irish man and the Nun/bottle of Guiness. OK, ok back to the business stuff.......zzzzzzzz.

Microsoft and Adobe look set to go to court with eachother over Microsoft's supposed abuse of PDF in Office - where they give it away. (Hey stay awake - this gets more interesting I promise!)

Adobe apparently wants to get paid for people to use PDF, which seems only natural, if against Microsoft wishes, which will see Microsoft straight back through their revolving door at the EU. OK, so its not Enron - but Microsoft and the EU are becoming the Laurel and Hardy of the antitrust universe. Aren't they?

OK, go back to your Friday afternoon nap!

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