Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Priceline dives into lower cost airfares

Priceline has just announced a deal with G2 Switchworks which should see it compete more effectively in selling lower cost airfares.

Priceline's multiyear partnership with G2 Switchworks, a private distributor of air fares, gives the company access to G2's fares and bookings platform. Because of G2's low-cost business model, Priceline could increase the number of air fares it publishes on its Web site.

It is the first such agreement between an online travel agency using an older global distribution system and one using the new-generation GDS. GDS is the means by which travel suppliers send bookings information to travelers.

And it could be the start of an increasing proportion of Internet sites offering flight booking as well as related services. This will erode the power of various online travel agancies.

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