Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Google GBuy to take on PayPal and launch end June

Apparently Google's GBuy, which will rival PayPal in the E-payments world, will be ready for launch at the end of June. Participating merchants will show a Gbuy icon that when you click on it will take you to the GBuy site - then you can pay pretty much like PayPal.

Intially the service will be free - but later Google plans to charge 1-2% to the merchant. And apparently the greatest advantage that Google's GBuy will be able to provide over PayPal will be their ability to analyze data linked back to their online ad system to analyze which ads lead to a purchase.

That's neat for Google and potentially neat for Merchants - but how will that help us users? They'll tell us that as a result they'll be able to serve ever more targeted ads to us. I'd rather hear that Google will then be able to offer cheaper commissions to merchants and as a results Gbuy merchants will be able to charge us lower prices. Now there's an idea!

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