Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why Blog cynics are short sited and sadly missing the point!

The world seems divided between those that are deeply cynical of the blogging revolution and those that are passionate that blogging will change the media world. Blog cynics rant about the fact that citizen journalism is merely a childish fad and one that will peter out as Internet users return to their senses and only consume traditional media content.

They argue that professional journalists cannot just be replaced by a vain horde of amateur writers seeking their one minute of fame through catchy and edgy digital posts. Of course many of these arguments are seeded by the professional journalists who have the most to lose from the blogging revolution proving them wrong.

And in the mean time another new blogsite is created somewhere in the world every second. Now there must be well north of 50M blogsites and, in America at least, the younger generation of newspaper readers are reading blogs as much as traditional newspapers.

So what's really going on here? And is there a real blogging revolution unfolding?

Yes, there is a fundamentally important media revolution going on, but not perhaps the one that everyone thinks. Because I do not see blogs killing media conglomerates anytime soon, but I do see us looking back at the user-generated content revolution and pointing to blogging as being the technology that got it off the ground.

And user-generated content is an undisputed media trend and possibly the most important shift in the creation, presentation and distribution of media since the Guttenberg Press.

But even more essentially, Blogging is the first step in an even more fundamental shift that is going on right under are feet and is all about anyone being able to become a technology entrepreneur.

For today anyone can launch a blogsite, but tomorrow anyone will be able to launch their own spreadsheet package or search engine with no technical skills whatsoever. The next Microsoft or Google could be created by a complete non-techie. Perhaps even by me!

So, Blog cynics throughout the world, that is the real revolution that blogging is kicking off. Get your teeth round that one!

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