Monday, June 12, 2006

Microsoft gets sued and bottom smacked by Symantic!

Microsoft has been smacked about the cheeks by a lawsuit from Symentic attemting to prevent them from selling Vista - and its hardly like Mircrosoft need any external help in getting Vista out late for, they're doing as good enough job of bungling that one up for themselves.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Symantic’s claim concerns volume management software, which is used to manage the storage of large amounts of data on discs. The software was developed by Veritas, a company bought by Symantic last year, and was earlier covered by a licensing agreement with Microsoft that dates back to 1996.

According to the complaint, Microsoft has rewritten the volume management software for its next version of Windows in ways that were not allowed under the licence between the two companies. Symantic is accusing Microsoft of having built a rival product.

Of course if Microsoft have been naughty again they'll no doubt pay Symantec off and continue to build software that will stuff the poor security leader even more in the future!

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