Friday, June 30, 2006

Apple has a dayus horribilus!

What an awful day Apple had today.

First of all they were forced to announce that they had some stock option granting irregularities a few years back (which tech company hasn't) and the slightly dodgy grants were offered to Apple deius supremo, Steve Jobs.

Now the reality is that Apple reported this odd behavior a while ago and, like Microsoft, seems to have behaved above the ball since then. So, on the face of it Apple seem to be OK. But, that's not the point, for their stoick nosedived 3% because anything that negatively effects Mr Jobs is a major baseball bat in the face for Apple - proving that the company is dangerously reliant on him.

Mind you, as if this options scandal was not enough, then the Frenchies decided to approve probably the daftest piece of anti-capitalist legislation ever created by saying that Apple must open up their iPod so that it can play any music service on it (and not just iTunes) and if they do not - they could get fined up to $700M!!!!

Or they have to get permission to run a closed system from the owners of the music!!! I know that the French government is desperate to raise money right now - but I mean, isn't this a little far fetched?

Mind you, if Apple walk out of the French market, they may at least trigger yet another revolution from the streets. Oh God, not more fires!

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