Wednesday, June 07, 2006

TiVo jumps on Internet video bandwagon!

TiVo today unveiled broadband video downloads, marking the latest move by the digital video recorder company to expand its Internet-related services.

Through the new TiVoCast service, people can download broadband video clips to their TiVo boxes for free from a handful of Internet sites, such as woman-oriented iVillage, technology-focused (a sister site), entertainment-grooved, The New York Times, the National Basketball Association and Women's National Basketball Association, and news and political video blog site Rocketboom.

Apparently they plan to expand the number of web-sites they cover (boy will they need to!) and they will run ads alongside the videos to drive revenues. TiVo sure is fighting hard to differentiate themselves - and they need to given Cisco Systems and Motorola, are adding digital recording features to their cable set-top boxes.

I struggle to see though how TiVo survive into the future given that DVR will surely just become a feature within all set-top boxes and intelligent TV's. I guess their patents will help them for a while, but just piling into Internet video alongside everyone else will unlikely help them too much.

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