Friday, June 30, 2006

Flock launches social social networking browser

Flock, a Silicon Valley start-up, received a great deal of media hype last Autumn over their soon to be launched social networking take on a browser that would be designed to help us all with the coolest things you can do on the web such as uploading and sharing photos, making photo albums (no surprise) and blogging.

So far so cool! Unfortunately Flock then went extremely quiet and did not deliver their browser. Well, today they finally launched a Beta browser which you can download at

There are also a bunch of previews that are pretty good at telling you what key features the browser offers. The Flock team come from good pedigree, many debunking from Mozilla (makers of the Firefox browser).

So if you're into the social networking revolution going on in the Web (i.e. under thirty), then it could be hip to download Flock. For the rest of you, wait for it to get out of Beta and read the reviews. Which means keep reading TechBoard - sorry!

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