Friday, June 09, 2006

Screen technology from Qualcomm can make mobile phones true 'media devices'

CNET today looks at new mobile phone screen technology that will enable phones to become contant broadcast type devices - add this to mobile TV networks to be launched later this year and the mobile phone can finally move to its next phase as a 'mobile media device'.

I quote from CNET:

"Qualcomm and others are promoting new screen technology for handhelds and mobile devices that can stay on all day without sapping battery life, thanks to the sun or liquids. As a result, a cell phone equipped with such a screen could continually broadcast stock quotes, news stories or show a music video to go along with a built-in MP3 player. Currently, phone screens stay dark--mostly by necessity.

The difference is that the new screens don't need to be backlit, as do current screens. Instead, they are primarily illuminated by light from the sun or the movement by liquids inside the screen."

This could prove a fabulous breakthrough!

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