Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oracle goes up and Novell comes tumbling down

Today is a tale of two fortunes in the business software market as Oracle bounces back to growth with a solid set of results for their latest quarter. Their revenues pinged up 25% and they saw growth in both their core database business as well as their applications division cobbled together via a string of acquisitions.

Novell on the other hand has dumped their Chairman, CEO (the same guy) and CFO. Their strategy to try and take on Red Hat and lead the Linux market seems to be failing - so they've brought in an ex-IBM guy to try and get Novell back to growth. Poor guy, God only knows what he should do with Novell.

The irony of it all is that Oracle may have their sites on buying Red Hat for themselves. It just goes to show that in the softwarte sector almost more than any other you had better be damned careful who/what you buy.

Oracle still have a huge amount to prove, but so far so almost good!

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