Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cisco preparing for life after John Chambers

Cisco today announced that John Chambers would become Chairman as well as CEO, but would relinquish the title of President. In a corporate world that is increasingly splitting the role of Chairman and CEO this might on the face of it seem a strange slap in the face to corporate good behavior. Mind you they are a company with no independent board members as well!!

But, ah no, this is in fact corporate voodoo, mumbo jumbo for John Chambers planning his succession. The President role will soon be handed out to the liutenant that he and the board wish to see steer Cisco into the future.

Then in a year or two expect Chambers to become Chairman only and hand the CEO title to the President as well. Silicon Valley is finally growing beyond their swash buckling early stage leaders - just look at Sun Microsystems. Chambers is planning his transition slowly and carefully, as he should with a $25bn turnover company.

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