Monday, June 19, 2006

MySpace on an international romp!

MySpace charges at international expansion with a plan to open up in 12 countries in the next few years. Surprise, surprise the roll out starts with a beach head in the UK , closely followed by the usual suspects of Europe's larger markets including France, Germany, Italy and Spain, with the tech friendly Scandinavia in for good measure.

Once MySpace blankets Europe they will move onto China and India. So, another US Internet company goes on an expensive international romp. And who said the dotcom days were over? I just wonder if MySpace's strategy will prove as successful as AOL Europe's (not a lot) or Yahoo's (a little better).

They need to rely heavily on the advice and guidence of parent News Corp who get the UK and Italy in particular and they should move cautiously. Charging across Europe is never wise, they should open each country based on past successes - not market potential alone.

And partnering aggressively with content companies and mobile operators for both product and distribution is a wise move, if one that is extremely hard and time consuming to execute on. Oh, and I thought MySpace was about user generated content?!

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