Friday, June 16, 2006

Microsoft readying to launch an iPod killer?

Reuters has just announced that Microsoft is apparently close to launching an iPod killer.

Oooh, Mama! I guess now that Ray Ozzie is in charge Microsoft can go after Apple as well as every other tech company on the planet. Mmm... Right when Apple are going after Microsoft by allowing you to run Windows on Macs.

Microsoft may be finally accepting that certain consumer electronics devices run better if you own and build both the hardware and software. They aknowledged this in the games console space with the launch of the Xbox, and now look set to agree this is the best approach for the music player market as well.

That just leaves the TV and PC. Will Apple force Microsoft to accept that they need a single vendor as well. Lets see how big a market share the Intel based Apple Macs can grab. And lets see if Apple launch an Internet enabled intelligent TV?! I would not like to bet against Apple right now!

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