Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nokia's new CEO strikes again - this time dumping Sanyo

Nokia's new CEO, who's name I cannot pronouce, strikes again! Only a couple of days ago he was making honeymoon waves at the Finnish mobile phone giant buy dumping their telecomms networking division into a merger with Siemens so that Nokia can focus solely on flogging more mobile phones.

Now he's at it again this time dumping a recently agreed deal with Sanyo to sell Qualcomms CDMA -ready phones for emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil.

But operators in those countries seem to shunning Qualcomms technology and going with the more popular European standard GSM, which Nokia dominates. (Wow that was one big mouthful).

This is good for Nokia as they don't have to get into new technology with Sanyo or pay royalties to Qualcomm who they don't exactly love - this is terrible news for Sanyo who are as stuffed as your average Turkey and not great for Qualcomm who just keep losing out to GSM.

Phew! I finally go that lot out!

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